CLX Field Trips

CLX Field Trips!

Let’s go on field trips! This document houses all the notes and plottings to organize CLX Field Trips. What are CLX Field Trips?

  • Small day trips to a CLX Partner organizations site.
  • Host sites can offer a tour of their space, have a casual conversation of their work, or a shared theme
  • Groups will be organized by the Facilitator (Lisa): they will be formed by an intentional grouping with the following goals:
    • Bring new and old members with shared interests together
    • Give member organizations a platform to share their work, space, and strengths
    • Small groups (5-10 members) connect in a more intimate and intentional setting
    • Camaraderie over food and discussion
    • Inspiring lifelong learning (we still doing Field Trips!)
    • Encourage visits to organizations across Chicago/geographically diverse

Working Group Lead: Lisa Kim, Advisory Committee Member

Resources: CLX Field Trip Notes + Plottings