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Youth Digital Media Activism Series

Revamp the way you think of Youth Digital Media Activism, with the YDMA Professional Development series! This series provides actionable strategies for how to use different mediums for successful youth-driven civic engagement.

Chicago Votes

Chicago Learning Exchange x Chicago Votes
Are you ready to vote in November_ (1).pdf

Things to Know for November's Election

QR Codes for Voting Resources (2).pdf

QR Codes for Voting Resources

When do I need an ID to vote_ (1).pdf

Do I Need an ID to Vote?

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Nerdy Media

***CLX - P4E Workshop***

Community Professional Development

CLX Fall 2020 _ Engaging Youth in Remote Learning Opportunities.pdf

Learn how to Engage youth in Remote Learning Opportunities more effectively. This professional development helps organizations and professionals support youth to engage in remote learning instruction. Instructor Aaron Cortes, NEIU Center for College Access and Success, will introduce engagement tools, procedures to support engagement and reconnecting youth practices. This professional development will build core competency while leaving participates with tools to be confident in service.