Working Group

The Chicago Learning Exchange has developed a Connected Learning Guide as a resource for practitioners who want to put the theory into practice. The ongoing development of the guide has been a collaborative effort, and we would love your input. It is a work in progress.

The Guide

View and download the guide below.

Compact Format

A condensed version for quick reference.

Connected Learning Guide - Compact - 4-17-19.pdf

Expanded Format

Same content with a little more room for it to breathe.

Connected Learning Guide - Expanded - 4-17-19.pdf

Feedback We Received

You can see the feedback we received on an earlier draft of the guide by visiting this document on, an open-source, public annotation tool that allows you to select and add public highlights or annotations that you can share or keep private. See the conversation here:

Working Group Meeting Notes

Connected Learning Guide - Working Group Meetings