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Empowering Designs

Some videos were watched in preparation for class discussion, others were shared with students. The videos were mostly for use on virtual days. There were discussion points and instructor remarks mid viewing to retain students’ engagement. Some were used to expand and supplement curriculum material. Other times, videos were discovered and watched due to students’ curiosity about related topics. Video worked better than reading for virtual days and ensuring students absorbed the content.

Some key moments were the importance of replicating science experiments for validation. Eg. Volta’s invention of the voltaic pile after wanting to test animal electricity, Katie Bouman testing her theory on photographing a black hole.

Kristal Hansley and Community Solar:

Charles David Moody: - started with this one (I really loved this vignette)


Biden’s plan:

Career Builder:

Who are workers:

Solar / The Need for Battery Innovation


Building for Community:

Affordable Housing:

Resource depletion: - cooper - sand



Physics of Solar Panels:

Photoresistor to compare against photovoltaic panels

Sustainable Energy approaches:

Photovoltaics repair:



Workers safety:

LEED-certified buildings in Chicago:


Toolbox meeting examples: - In Chicago

Toyota: - just-in-time for sustainability

Material Handling: